Kudos to @danzarrella

Over a year ago I showed his video from Harvard to the Atlanta consulting group where I started a social media practice. Earlier today I decided to post a gripe I had and he quickly engaged with me on the issue.  Below are some of his creations:

Webinars: http://zarrel.la/HOCXwH   SEO: http://zarrel.la/K0zQFq   PR: http://zarrel.la/K0zQ8n   FB: http://zarrel.la/K0zQoM  Analytics: http://zarrel.la/K0zTkv   Pinterest: http://zarrel.la/HAJuR3   LinkedIn: http://zarrel.la/HjiiWD   email: http://zarrel.la/K0zTAR   Blogs: http://zarrel.la/K0zUos  leads: http://slidesha.re/apHziw

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