Digital Scarcity

A reprint of the first paragraph of an article by Tuhin Kumar.  I liked the tone and have roughly the same philosophy.  Facebook already allows for an expanded universe of affinity buttons, but I relate this article to the notion of taking several deep breaths and thinking about our food before we eat.

We live, for most part, a life that is eerily being encroached by the digital. Every day we find a part of the analog being replaced by the digital. An app to replace a board game, a website to answer a question instead of asking a friend, an app to know what’s happening instead of looking around and talking. As time goes by, digital, which is even today seen as a secondary dimension, will replace physical as the primary dimension in which we spend our time. I am not suggesting it as necessarily negative, merely pointing it out. Pointing it out, because as we start to put more of our time into it, we need to find a better way to tell others what is worth their time. Make it not just easier to recommend but also valuable and meaningful.


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