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Some Tools I Just Used/Modified

Dear Rainwiz- I enjoyed your use of the Storygraph:

I’ve just adapted it to illustrate my own social customer journey tool.

Digital Scarcity

A reprint of the first paragraph of an article by Tuhin Kumar.  I liked the tone and have roughly the same philosophy.  Facebook already allows for an expanded universe of affinity buttons, but I relate this article to the notion of taking several deep breaths and thinking about our food before we eat.

We live, for most part, a life that is eerily being encroached by the digital. Every day we find a part of the analog being replaced by the digital. An app to replace a board game, a website to answer a question instead of asking a friend, an app to know what’s happening instead of looking around and talking. As time goes by, digital, which is even today seen as a secondary dimension, will replace physical as the primary dimension in which we spend our time. I am not suggesting it as necessarily negative, merely pointing it out. Pointing it out, because as we start to put more of our time into it, we need to find a better way to tell others what is worth their time. Make it not just easier to recommend but also valuable and meaningful.


I Guess Others Got the Memo on the Cloud Theme

The Innovators issue…   Click to read a summary on the problem we should concern ourselves with-

The Growing Population of Ninjas and Wizards

Comedic timing…

LinkedIn trending story coincides with a contact’s update…      – Jedi

Mapping My Tools

Just added new Pearltrees map of some tools.  Back in the day, Juha and I used to do a lot of social mapping for clients (but those lacked the web links Pearltrees offer).


Cumulus: A pile, a mound, a heap.  A collection of objects laid on top of each other.  The word Social has become diluted, but you get the idea–we’re here to socially accumulate our ideas and solutions to help ourselves and the world around us.    For now, two main sections:  SERVICE DESIGN TOOLS and SOCIAL MEDIA & ANALYTICS.  Please borrow and contribute.  -jw