Posted in May 2012

Reputation Matters– and how to Measure it within Social Media

Here’s a link to something I created at Adobe.

Rep­u­ta­tion mat­ters.  Many mar­keters and brand man­agers are prob­a­bly won­der­ing how best to lever­age social media to gauge rep­u­ta­tion.  Until now, sen­ti­ment scores and cherry picked men­tions (or as we call them, ‘ver­ba­tims’) from sen­ti­ment reports have served this func­tion for most.  This method, though, has two prob­lems: 1) the lack of accu­racy in sen­ti­ment engines, and 2) the need for some math involved—a numer­a­tor and denom­i­na­tor or a ‘this’ vs. ‘that’ ratio would pro­vide such a mea­sur­able, track­able score.      (read the rest on Adobe’s blog)

I’m Coining the Term ‘Click Curator’

Is “Clicurator” better?

Some of you know how the dilution of the concept of curate/curation/curator irritates me.  I enjoyed John Battelle’s thoughts and will share an excerpt from On Thneeds and the “Death of Display” below:

Perhaps I’m becoming a cranky old man, a Lorax, if you must, but I’m going to jump up on a stump right now and say it: curation-based platform models that harvest the work of great content creators, creating “Thneeds” along the way, are failing to see the forest for the trees. Their quid pro quo deal to “send more traffic” ain’t enough.

It’s time that content creators derived real value from the platforms they feed. A new model is needed, and if one doesn’t emerge (or is obstructed by the terms of service of large platforms), I worry about the future of the open web itself. If we, as an industry, don’t get just a wee bit better at taking care of content creators, we’re going to destroy our own ecosystem – and we’ll watch the Pinterests, Twitters, and yes, even the Google and Facebooks of the world deteriorate for lack of new content to curate.

Put another way: Unless someone cares, a whole awful lot…it isn’t going to get better. It’s not.


[Yes- I realize the irony–I’m just curating his piece and reposting it.  Maybe he’ll find something from Socialcumul.US in return… -jw]


I Guess Others Got the Memo on the Cloud Theme

The Innovators issue…   Click to read a summary on the problem we should concern ourselves with-

The Growing Population of Ninjas and Wizards

Comedic timing…

LinkedIn trending story coincides with a contact’s update…      – Jedi

Kudos to @danzarrella

Over a year ago I showed his video from Harvard to the Atlanta consulting group where I started a social media practice. Earlier today I decided to post a gripe I had and he quickly engaged with me on the issue.  Below are some of his creations:

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Zarrella 1.0?

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook the other day and she encouraged me to post my gripe with Dan Zarrella.  I’m a fan of what he has done, but here it is, verbatim:
“I used to like Zarrella’s stuff but I feel as though he has not advanced at all beyond this ‘how to get more tweets’ technique- he was saying the same thing two years ago. Would like to see him come out with something new. He reminds me of a momentum trader (as opposed to a long term investor).”